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s moved from the sofa, which moved with his hand grab pole then remove his the shirt front and asked them to remove the rest of his clothes. " I heard him say before our cinema trips," he said as he removed his boxer shorts Steves and then standing, "and this is how it is placed when it grabbed me," and so turned a chair and took over the position of the bow front dress her breasts, however, back in the chair and pushed her ass for your mini- roses, and they all have a good look at what's underneath it. that was the icebreaker Joe put the drinks on the table and walked forward and began to fondle her breasts through her ​​superior Mike went to his mouth and pulled his face to facilitate the entry of the 8 turn, "but she had other plans: "Why do the best things at once, she said she took his manhood and pulled his head back gently to run a nail through the inside of your urine slit open now. I do not know if ultradonkey I 'd ever done, but if you are a thrill for me that that mixture of pleasure and pain Incedible inonce, as if he had lost teeth as a child and could not stop flashing that despite the pain he has given. He groaned and said some nonsense unitelligable she began to masturbate. Steve passed me, smiling at his 6 "as a flag pole dancing on its other side against ultradonkey Mike and took her hand, she moved. I was excited it was like in the movies two guys were jerks, while another with her tits, I played needed to be there, but I knew that my orders -. anything tonight I stripped naked and began to masturbate while watching the hand ultradonkey of Steve forbidden by his side and moved under her skirt, "Fuck her crotch one of them said it moves on.. skirt and pushed her apparently discovered its pickup to shave without cloth covering his mouth. "Let's see what the skirt and then tits," said Joe, who stood up and raised above the head. What a sight met my wife who was in the same peak teddy that she had agreed to this in a couple of weeksbefore and now no longer sensitive pierced nipples, the chain had been through the rings on the chest. Then, the Mini has fallen and the teddy bear in terms of in all its glory, like my wife. Call us turn Turn and the request was that they had swirls turn left and forward over his back to them, as well as touching toes, legs, and it was - when I express my opinions about this change would not keep more to be. When my wife leaned over to his point of view presents the most beautiful and distinctive design that the hole developed in the garment industry, framed to lead the public to anal exposed root user, and realized the kids. She looked at me and said. "Now what is offered here," " Your choice," said he was not drunk, but I knew noting that Dutch value drinks were a bit strong, " imjust the public. " so I thought id do my best. "If they object, you do," he said. To emphasize the point that I threw my contributoryat night with condoms on the table and laughed, "if ultradonkey you need condoms do not think you'll ultradonkey need this" as a tube of lubricant, landed among them. Mike lying on the floor and beckoned to " sit on this love " in it, and who insisted that his tail up. "Bastard, who wanted to get the first crack," said ultradonkey one of the others, because they saw astride him and holding the base of the tail and rest on them. I watched fascinated to see move right next to him on every little movement. I could see ultradonkey every movement of his lips and light moves again, since you carry everywhere tested. 8. 5 ", after years of me and my 5. 5", which caused her and she moaned as she tried to do ultradonkey this. "I have a mouth," said Steve moved over to her and Joe to me just for a short period of time before taking the lubricant and moved leaned forward, as they all rod
Quotes e Mike 's cock and lubricate your ass while it back and forth. What a beautiful sight of my threeShe paired with my wife in one, one in the mouth and to prepare her ass deep with at least one finger on it at this time. I'm sure my wife had cum at least once, but it was difficult with the amount of the action takes place, a tail drowned in his mouth to tell her moans and the sound of all they called it, but suddenly Cumming microphone FUUUUUUUUCK shit ! ! ! I realized from the body language of my wife, she enjoys cum and microphones was the icing on the cake - so to speak. that Steve did and shot in the face, breasts and the front of the teddy bear. My wife was taken by Mike and Joe positioned her pussy and ass in the air face on the carpet. The others joined me to see it, and we saw Joe, how some artists organize your models before painting moves back and forth. We could see how it has overshadowed the beautiful ultradonkey lace frame around the rear hole and smeared with lubricant attempts. i hadnt realized that I masturbated SA reserves my best friends to the IClove the film around the coffee table. Joe was willing to stand behind them and called the others to keep them, as he pushed his cock through the opening and began to take pressure off his rose. I could clearly see their slide come back to it desperately. He had lost all inhibitions and do not think that drink was not to pass this permission, they wanted me because I saw Joe and pushed the story tells us how much his rosebud, and he gave ultradonkey in invaded. Even if I hadnt said surprised me, it was recorded that groan with pain / pleasure. Steve was hard again and was busy masturbating with a handful of hair from my wife, grapes, leaving a trail of precum in her hair, before combining to better see the entrance to his game and pull the string in her tits, and he stroked it. Mike still was not bad ( strange, because the bigger you are, the longer it takes to get the second wind that makes me happy on average) and we both saw time with my wifeand he just said, "You lucky bastard " I think hed been trying for years involved his wife without success. I sat with a smile face happy drunk who enjoys watching her ultradonkey play. After Joe finished her tits and Steve on their side and Mike had been hard and covered with hair. He sat on ultradonkey the ground, saying that if they wanted more than to take their food and drink and, of course, was obeyed, and within a very short time she was drinking wine and pussy licking ass ultradonkey and eating cum with a mischievous smile SA announced , "right in the cooled, but please first all do something for me," it is natural that everyone agreed excited, and took them one by one ultradonkey for her and she continued, breadsticks until you push him out and the offers us - and paid our desire for intimacy in their snacks by the re -dedication to participate with enthusiasm. I masturbated me sore. who have left us about 2 hours before leaving, I could also participate in the oral groupto please. I still often naked straw on the memory of ultradonkey all of us, touching our cocks alternately licking my wife to bring her hole orgasm after ultradonkey orgasm. Other memories of the night shit seen knelt bottle himself, accidentally gets wet when sucking in children, see them seal made ​​by the boys and their feet at the end of the afternoon runs with his semen. is As it was, ultradonkey and I closed the door I approached her and put my hand on her pussy ready to slide my finger in her smile she said not now and loving night and went upstairs. I stayed for a last straw before them. It certainly was a night where I was never so happy because I have a full fantasy and my wife started her awakening. Thanks again and no more, if desired


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arrived in the evening, I was finally starting to see my wife fucked by others. It was a strange feeling that I was with colleagues at the bar, as he had always planned strangers, but he wanted the people I knew and liked. Work dragged, dragged back home, but when I got there, the door opened, my worst fears was not the case - which was not supported, three of my friends were with her ​​tonight, as I watched. I had to prepare some special meals not a bit like a buffet, which was some excitement ultradonkey in this food is enough, I hope the nerves, and then disappeared upstairs to bathe and prepare for later. I walked up to the bathroom in hopes of entering the shower and have ultradonkey a good time before the main event tonight where I was a spectator, but she laughed saying,Oh, no, pledged to give up their fun now, when I have to go tonight, three of them happening. So I went with their tails between their legs and tail sticking out hard and in every place, but between my legs. I dressed in t shirt and shorts ultradonkey and I have a very nice big whiskey. about 7:30 taxi stops and deployment of children Mike, Steve and Joe, how unpleasant it would be to each other in the hope of one another to walk in the door first, to detect the window and a smile. Well, I think he is not invited every day to fuck his wife and colleagues, it must be uncomfortable at first. I open the door and tell them their way to the front and went to the living room "which has not backed out and I have to keep drinking to come here. " A little uncomfortable talking about beer and food and no sign of her (she was up, drink a little Dutch courage itself), but it worked the boys alcohol and relaxed. They wanted to know how he told them the story of our two films (see ealrier stories) and are now willing to take a lucky guy cursed by others. Damn shes makes us happy, they laughed. Shortly after this, having heard the sentiment heard on the ground floor, which hto descend and then open the door and there was my wife. 5ft4 ", shoulder length brown hair in bunches, green eyes, 34B breasts in a white tight T-shirt, short hugs the bottom of pvc mini skirt, red stockings with storage lids and straps visible from under the rock, and a ankle chain ankle shines in gold and red stockings.... I ended the conversation and the kids looked at me. smiled and said hello guys, because it was "Hey baby err " for the dining table. all one had to tell. 'm biased, and wanted to fuck her, but everyone seemed to agree that fucking hot. I was in my shorts for all the effort of my 5. 5 / 6 " has paid off. " Budge until Joe said that is a large sofa that we bought in the form of more ultradonkey than three. " Joe moved one way and another of Mike and she dropped into the center front of me, spread her legs a bit, so I could see what lay beneath the skirt. It was still a little uncomfortable onetmoshpere of the guys in the room and talk was minimal, with a lot of eyes that occur in the soil, so he took the bull by the horns. " Look guys, we all know why they were here and I remember saying to my choice of partner to ask, so I have the intention to have fun, so lighten clock tonight " with the boys dug in their pockets and gathered all the packages that threw condoms on the table and smiled. Awesome moment for me once again when he said that would not need condoms because they were hated ultradonkey for use in the pill and the reason I wanted people who knew her, knew they were clean. So my jaw dropped, but the other fell faster than a flurry of movement and Joe went back to drinking all of us hed left the shirt and pants of him in his underwear, Mike has just taken off and it is not surprising , " 8. 5, when Steve was one centimeter a shame he never saw his chance and like the other